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A series of illustrations to accompany the 'BIG QUESTION' in O Magazine.

"We get it: The world is scary right now, and we certainly don’t intend to be glib about the many issues in this country that need urgent addressing. But maybe it’s time for a more nuanced view—one that doesn’t rely on blanket statements of doom, and that acknowledges small steps toward goodness and light. And maybe we all need that right this very minute, because last November an APA survey showed that more than half of Americans called this “the worst period of American history they can remember,” and 63% said the future of the nation is a “very” or “somewhat” significant source of stress. (In fact, they were more stressed out by that than by common stuff like money or work.) Here, we poke holes in a few pessimistic assessments Americans have embraced of late, so maybe we can all get some sleep tonight."